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CBS Auction-Keeper League 2 slots Available

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  • CBS Auction-Keeper League 2 slots Available

    I have 2 slots in a long-time 12-team auction keeper league. This is a local league in upstate NY that will draft on Saturday March 29th. We do have at least two members who will draft by Skype so you do not have to be at the draft to participate. We use CBS as our site. $150 entry fee along with monthly transactions ($2/move over 15 moves-DL replacement, even trades no fee). We are a 5x5 league, players are given contracts based on auction price for first two years, with a $5 increase for year 3 and beyond if you keep player. 23 man rosters with up to two minor league slots which are determined at the draft. Winter rosters (keepers) are decided by Feb 28th, after that you are allowed 3 free drops if you chose too until draft, more then 3 costs $10 per drop.

    Salary cap goes up to $340 after draft. League pays 1st-5th and all category winners also receive a cash prize.

    If interested in seeing available rosters, please email me or look at

    The two teams labeled TBD are the ones available, the salaries have not been increased yet for the 2014 season. You also have the choice to take a roster and not keep any players. Number of keepers is up to owner as long as they have enough cap space to draft 23 players. if youd like to know anything else.

    Commish Testa

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    Correction, you do not have to attend the draft in person to participate, calling or using Skype viable options for us. Interested email for rosters if you can not access the site link and find them yourself under rosters.


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      I'm in this league and it's a great, fun league. Hopefully we can fill those last 2 spots.