It looks like my long-time league may have an opening. The team that finished in a tie for second last year is dropping out because of time demands -- family and too many leagues. It's NL-only, quasi-dynasty (up to 16 keepers, generally 12-13 MLB players and 3-4 "prospects"). It's 5x5, but on offense, we use OBP and hits instead of Avg and runs, and on pitching we use K-W, rather than K's. Oh, we draft on-line. It's scheduled to begin Sunday morning, March 23rd. Teams generally have an hour to make picks and we suspend in late evening and don't begin again until mid-morning (although teams can make a pick if they're up and ready). Everyone needs to be ready to finish the draft on, I think, Thursday evening in the event that the draft hasn't been completed by then. Last year, it finished well before Thursday evening. If you're interested, pm me.