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  • Dynasty League Mock Drafts

    I started a group and I am running slow dynasty mocks through it on Facebook. Email and google docs are official thread while picks are posted to an event on the group page.
    I am branching out for owners who'd like to participate in the future. The next mock will probably start after opening day as I do not want to compete with draft season.
    No affiliation with the fb group is needed, so do not take this as an ad-like post. I play in a couple dynasty leagues and large keeper list onlys, but finding these types of competitive mocks are challenging.
    Only leagues with auctions will have suitable mocks in the future as well.
    This is all email or google doc threads, so no website sign up or anything. I also have only posted here as per commercial sites bc the HQ forums are filled with great owners. The yearly leagues are great and just feel comfortable reaching out to you guys. It's all free and a joint adventure, so let me know here if you'd be interested in the future. Thanks!