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High $ Keeper League has one vacancy

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  • High $ Keeper League has one vacancy

    The Norse Rotisserie League, a high-$ online keeper league, has one vacancy. $2000 Entry Fee with all money, minus league expenses, paid in prizes. Leagues expenses are a $500 commish fee + ~ $300 Onroto stat service fee. 12 teams, separate AL & NL rosters. 5 X 5. Standings are based on combined AL + NL scores. This is 4th year of Norse which previously auctioned live in Las Vegas but for this year is going on-line, using Onroto's draft software. League members are from NY to CA & points in between. Rules & prizes are modified Waggoner. 50% - 1st, 25% - 2nd, 15% - 3rd, 10% - 4th, $1000 to 5th (which is paid first, before % distributions). 2013 champ was Mark Hodge of MN, a First Pitch AZ attendee. The remaining team (team 4) has a good freeze list as the result of player salary reductions to the abandoned franchise.

    If interested please email me:

    I'm in Dallas, TX & have run live Roto leagues like this since 2006.

    Good luck to all in 2014!

    Josh Turin