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Diamond Mind league looking for one good owner

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  • Diamond Mind league looking for one good owner

    Our well-established, 15-year-old league is looking for one good owner to take over one of our franchises mid-season. We are a sim league that uses Diamond Mind Baseball software. We manage each of our games head-to-head against the other owners in the league, and we spread out our schedule over nine months to give everyone plenty of time to do so. We have worked to create the most realistic league possible, giving us the most realistic experience as an MLB manager and GM. We have a realistic salaries and contracts system, a free agent bidding system for the top free agents each season, and an expanded 15-man farm club that can include amateurs as well as pros.

    If this sounds like an opportunity that would interest you, please check out our web site at, and then contact me at The open franchise is the Dieppe Marauders.