Brand-new league this year already has ten owners signed up and paid. This will be a deep league (at least 12, maximum 13 teams), NL-only auction on CBS. This league will be a modified 4 x 4 using Runs Produced instead of RBI. Runs produced is Runs Scored plus RBI - HR. Wins, Saves, ERA and Whip for pitchers.

Fresh auction every year, so every player is available! 100% payout to top four teams using a commissioner's best friend, LeagueSafe.

Weekly transactions via FAAB.

Get in on the ground floor of what will become a great league, one that will be around for years to come. Would love to have the same high-caliber owners return year after year.

Auction set for Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm et.

Send your roto resume' to to be considered.