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  • 8 team NL only

    Hey I'd like to set up a HQ NL only league if I can get 7 interested owners. I'd like to do a money league if you guys are down for that, thinking $125 entry fee. Going to run it with weekly transactions and no trading allowed. 6x6 roto, using 5x5 plus OPS and QS. 18 starters: 11H (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 4 OF, 2U), 7P, min. 750 IP. If we can't get enough wanting to pay then we can run a free one but I'd rather have a little loot on the line! Full payout, top 3 out of 8: $550, $300, $150. Either post here or email me if you are interested.

    Trying to keep player penetration the same as a standard league, usually 12 teams x 23 starters= 276 players. 276 players/2 for NL only=138 138/8 teams= 17.25 per team= @ 18 starters per team.