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2nd year AL only Roto 500 owners needed online draft 4-7

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  • 2nd year AL only Roto 500 owners needed online draft 4-7

    We tried the new Roto500 format that Ron Shandler wrote about last year and some loved it, others hated it, so we have 2 openings in our AL only league. Below are the rules and we will have a 'player disbursement' draft for the 2 new owners to make up your team initially. Please email me with any issues and questions.

    Paul pcdawson2@yahoo.comif interested


    Roto 400 Rookies AL Only Baseball League Constitution 1.4

    I. Objective
    a. Goal
    i. The goal of the league is to provide a competitive, yet fair, playing ground for advanced fantasy baseballKeeperkeeper roster for the following year, you can only have 5 prospects.
    iii. Prospects are defined as:
    1. Pitchers with less than 10 career starts or 50 career innings.
    2. Players with less than 150 career plate appearances.
    iv. Prospect status:
    1. Each drafted prospect pitcher retains their status as a prospect until they reach 40 appearances or 150 innings pitched.
    2. Each drafted prospect player retains their status as a prospect until they reach 400 career plate appearances.
    3. A prospect changes status during the offseason.
    v. Prospect Contracts/Keeper Status
    1. Prospects can remain with your team, year after year, until they lose their prospect status (see above).
    a. Prospects do not cost owners any money until they lose their prospect eligibility. Once prospect eligibility is lost, the ex-prospect will be assigned a $10 contract for the following year if kept and does NOT count against the five contract extensions available to the owner. The player can be kept via contract extension (4b(i) above) in subsequent years.
    b. A maximum of 5 prospects can be kept from year to year.
    c. For each prospect kept, an owner loses their last pick in the upcoming Prospect Draft. If you keep two prospects, you lose (because you do not need) round 4 and 5 picks.
    d. IF you traded away picks that you no longer qualify for, the other owner will receive your last qualifying draft spot and you will move a round later. EX- I trade my fourth rd prospect draft slot to owner x and I keep 3 prospects. Owner X will get my second round slot and I will finish with my slot in the third round that year.
    vi. Prospect activation
    a. You may activate a prospect your MLB roster at any time as long as they are on their teams 25 man MLB roster at the Major League Level and have qualified for a position (20G last year, 5G this year for hitter, 5GS last year 2GS this year for SP, 10 non-starting appearances last year, 4 non starting appearances this year for RP). A subsequent transaction of releasing the replaced player or moving them to the reserve roster and releasing a reservist, is necessary.
    b. A prospect can be placed back onto the minor league roster without consequence at any time as long as they still have prospect status.(see III b iv)
    c. Prospects have a salary of $0 until the year following their loss of prospect status.
    V. Scoring
    a. Roto Points Structure
    i. Points are accumulated through the statistics of your 23 active MLB players. Points Table:
    1. Offensive Players
    a. On Base Average (Batting Ave + Walk Ave)
    b. Runs Created (R+RBI-HR)
    c. Homeruns
    d. Stolen Bases
    2. Pitchers
    a. Wins
    b. Strikeouts
    c. (Saves + Holds)- Blown Saves
    d. ERA

    pcdawson2@yahoo.comif interested