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NL-only, 4x4, 12 team auction league looking for one owner; $60 entry fee

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  • tregerwolf
    Slot filled!

    Thanks for your interest guys. This last roster slot has been filled.

    Have a great season!

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  • tregerwolf
    Here is the team you can take over!

    Here is the team you can take over, *before* annual $5 salary increases. Looks like a bunch of decent keepers here in Morse, Berkman, Beachy, Garza, Nicasio.... and possibly Zimmerman, Bourn, and Cain if you'd like so the pricier guys....

    Barajas, Rod
    (C) PIT
    13% 0% 6
    Ramos, Wilson
    (C) WAS
    34% 24% 1
    Huff, Aubrey
    (1B,OF) SF
    43% 0% 15
    Espinosa, Danny
    (2B) WAS
    77% 0% 15
    Zimmerman, Ryan
    (3B) WAS
    95% 0% 28
    Gonzalez, Alex
    (SS) MIL
    30% 0% 10
    Barmes, Clint
    (SS) PIT
    10% 0% 1
    Morse, Michael
    (1B,OF) WAS
    94% 0% 10
    Berkman, Lance
    (1B,OF) STL
    95% 0% 2
    Bourn, Michael
    (OF) ATL
    94% 0% 26
    0% 0% 5
    Soriano, Alfonso
    (OF) CHC
    66% 0% 15
    Torres, Andres
    (OF) NYM
    15% 0% 15
    Ludwick, Ryan
    (OF) CIN
    33% 0% 14
    Pitchers (Learn More)
    P Beachy, Brandon
    (P) ATL
    87% 62% 4
    P Billingsley, Chad
    (P) LAD
    79% 0% 19
    P Cain, Matt
    (P) SF
    93% 0% 23
    P Correia, Kevin
    (P) PIT
    25% 0% 2
    P Duke, Zach
    (P) HOU
    1% 1% 5
    P Garland, Jon
    (P) LAD
    2% 0% 1
    P Garza, Matt
    (P) CHC
    88% 70% 9
    P Nicasio, Juan
    (P) COL
    8% 0% 5
    P Pelfrey, Mike
    (P) NYM
    19% 0% 11
    Injured (P) La Rosa, Jorge De
    (P) COL
    11% 0% 7

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  • NL-only, 4x4, 12 team auction league looking for one owner; $60 entry fee

    NL-only, standard 4x4, 12-team auction league looking for one owner. NOVA League has been around since 1988. A long standing member has decided to drop all four leagues he's in this year to take a mental break! So, we are in search of one owner.

    This draft will be an on-line auction thru CBS; we were based in the DC area, but we have become geographically challenged - I've moved to Michigan, another member moved to frikkin' Idaho, another to Pennsylvania, and yet another to Florida!.

    We are looking at Fri night 13 April at 8pm for the draft ..... oooooh Fri the 13th.... SCARY!!! Stats back-dated to opening day. Entry fee for this league is only $60.

    Send me an email at and I can send you na invite to look around and email you our Constitution.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Daryl Treger