this could turn into your own team. We've been around for 10 years or so. We have reguar 5x5 scoring. We have a live draft on Sunday April 1 this year. We keep up to 15 keepers incl minors and topper rights. If you have the winning bid on a player at auction, he's yours at the winning bid for 2 years. After the regular draft, we have a 5-round minor league draft.

One owner lost her partner. She lives in Jersey and knows the rules and just needs a partner to go in with her.

(If she can't find one, I'll be back asking for an owner!)
Her good keepers are: L Berkman $8, Y Molina $4,Bartlett $8, Big Panda $16, Jordan zimmerman $10, Betancourt $10, B Wilson $18, Shelby Miller (Minor Lge) ....toppers on Jay Bruce, A LaRoche, Venable, Mike Morse

shoot me a note if you have some interest. You can be a co-owner, a minority owner or a majority owner!