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Northern Virginia Player Looking for a League

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  • Northern Virginia Player Looking for a League


    I live in Northern Virginia and am a longtime Rotisserie player. I am in one NL-only 4X4 league and would like to either get in another NL league to sharpen my skills or an AL league for some diversity

    Prefer in-person draft with a strong core of owners



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    see my post for a league opening in DE -- we do have one owner in this league friom the DC area (calls the team the Greenbelt Gorillas...)


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      Just posted league opening in Va Beach ... we're looking for a veteran like yourself to join our NL-only roto 4x4 which began back in 1987. We are serviced by AllStarStats as Victor League. Live auction March 31. Franchise fee will be cut in half for new owner. Two owners from NJ; rest are local.
      Owner: Yanku Doodles (Victor League 4X4 NL), CPO Feller (Fugitives 4X4 AL), WuyzGuyz (Boys of Summer 6X6 Mixed), Arizona Copper Kings (Robin Roberts SIM Dynasty Speed League), and Philadelphia Patriots (Ozzie Smith SIM Dynasty Speed League).


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        NL League in Falls Church VA has two openings


        My league may fit the bill; we have two vacancies, each with some attractive keeper options.

        We play NL only $260 draft cap for 23 players; we also use a 5 man taxi squad in lieu of a DL and have a minor league system. 5x5 standard.

        We use onroto for stats, which is very cost-effective and good quality service.

        Please send me an email at jor at fxoreilly dot com and I will send you the rosters and rules. $150 to the pool is the fee, but is waived for new owners for the first year. $10 for stats.


        John O


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          Have you ever tried Scoresheet baseball? It differs from rotiserrie in that a complete simulated game is played using that week's stats and your lineup. Usually 6-7 games per week. We have 1 opening in a 12 team AL league. The draft is currently underway. We protect 13 players from a 40 man roster each season. We allow 3 NLers on each roster, and have 9 free agent pick ups usable at any time up until the final trade deadline. Each team is allowed to carry up to 5 minor leaguers as part of its 40 man roster. This will be my 4th year in the league and it is a lot of fun.


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            I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who was kind enough to drop me a line on this thread. I sincerely appreciate the offers. I am fortunate to join a longstanding league that is close to my work. I feared I would not be able to honor an annual trip to VA Beach or Delaware--but again, I am appreciative

            Jerry - thanks for the note on Scoresheet baseball. I have not tried it - I would need to get down the learning curve on that and just would not have the time to study it - but please keep me in mind for the future

            Again, thanks