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    Sheesh, my luck is terrible this offseason. Both of my leagues have folded. I'm actually leagueless.

    I'm looking for 2 leagues. I would love to find a large/deep dynasty with roto scoring. I'm also interested in AL or NL only keeper leagues with 5+ farm spots for minor leaguers.

    Prefered financials are in the $20 to $100 range with no transaction fees.

    A little about me:
    I've won 1 deep 12 team mixed title and 1 deep NL only title in the last 5 years. I'm a very active owner and love trading and discussing potential trades. I have experience as a commish so I've learned not to give the poor schlub in charge a hard time. I also don't mind taking a bad team and building it into a great one.

    Please reach out via direct message or email at

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    Hey Jon,

    We're both looking for a Dynasty League. Should we set one up?



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      I'd be in on that
      15 Team Mixed 5x5


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        Sounds like fun, the first problem is this - who can we trick into being the commish? :-)

        I would have already stepped up in a different league to keep it from folding, but I'm starting my MBA program next week. I don't want to make a committment and then not have the time to follow through and do a good job.
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          I'd co-commish, form a committee with different roles. And I sure as heck don't want to be in charge of the whole thing. What about the three of us? In fact, we can name the league after us - SBJ Baseball or JSB Baseball, or some silly thing like that.

          Only things to decide are:
          - how many teams?
          - what site to host it on?
          - whose rules are we going to steal so we don't have to make it all up?


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            I can commit to being a founder and helping to develop rules and hash that kind of stuff out. It's the day to day trouble shooting/money handling/ argument resolving that I'm shying away from.

            My way to throw HQF in the name since it's getting generated right here on the forum boards, maybe attract more peers that way as well. Perhaps HQFDL, the HQ Forum Dynasty League.

            I'd say 15 teams,

            23 man lineups (13/10 or 14/9)
            7 man bench
            15 man farm system.
            tradition roto scoring style, but we might want to go 6x6 and work holds in there to give some MR value.
            Online auction, $260, players are keepable for 5 years, 2 at original price (include first year), 2 years for a 10 dollar raise, and 1 last year at $20 more than original price.
            Farm system is based on a serpentine draft. minor leaguers can be kept indefinitely until they've reached the bigs. after that we'll need to establish a price, can't be too low or inflation will go crazy, maybe 10 bucks, maybe 5. No draft pick penalties for keeping minors players, your minor league draft is simply limited to the number of players that you do not keep.

            site is debatable. CBS usually has the most reliable product, but there were some complaints that I heard last year.

            I have a few constitutions that I can use to cobble together some framework for dealing with problems, trades, etc.

            that's off the top of my head. What do you think.
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              If it's 14/9 I'd be super duper interested in this.
              Owner of:
              All Out of Bubble Gum
              16 years experience, two titles

              2014 (2 total leagues entered):
              5x5 12 Team Roto NL Only Keeper League - (2013 2nd place)
              5x5 11 Team Roto NL Only Keeper League - (2013 rebuilding)
              5x5 15 Team Roto Mixed Dynasty League - (first year - BHQ Dynasty League)


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                I'd be interested in this league also. Down to 1 league the last year and now I'm looking to get another dynasty team started up.


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                  That's 5, good start.

                  For you other HQ readers out there, give a shout on this thread if you want a spot.

                  Also, for anyone else who signs up or anyone else who signs up, we need someone who is willing to co-commish the league with Scott.
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                    I just saw your email. Given the demise of LWAN count me in. I am a possible candidate for co-commish. I will have a clearer idea how that will work when some work things shake out in a couple of weeks.


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                      Sounds good to me. I was semi-kidding about the league name, btw...semi. We might need to check with HQ, see if we can use that in our league name, as they also use HQ in their sponsored leagues.

                      What would be the positions of 13/10 vs 14/9?

                      I like the idea of 6x6? HLD gives MR's some value, and OBP is a very important and relevant stat. Of course adding HLD, and therefore MR's, digs into the Pitching and Bench spots. Something to consider.

                      So you want to run an auction to start instead of each choosing an MLB team? Probably a more fair way to go.

                      I'm cool with CBS, though we might need someone in the US to pay for the site and then add on the Co-Commissioners. I tried to do it from overseas last year, and was not able.
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                        I'd be interested in this league and helping in any way. CBS is the best host site but it does cost. Depends how many rules you want to incorporate. But count me in either way.


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                          Nice. That makes 7. Halfway there.

                          I can set up site with CBS. On a 15 man league it will end up being about 10 a pop if we set it up early.

                          Good point about HQ name. Can someone @HQ chime in and let us know if this will be an issue?

                          C, C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT

                          On the 6X6, I think holds is the right way for pitching. I'm not sure if I love the idea of doing both BA and OBP. What would you guys think about doing OBP and SLG and elimiting BA?

                          Definitely want to auction - The Draft/auction is one of the purest joys of fantasy sports.

                          Here's what I came up with for minor league contracts. Basically, each year adds $6 to their price. they year they are called up is a freebie unless they start the year on the major league roster. If they start the year on the major league roster, then that's their first year at 6 bucks and they move on from there. For players who are called up after opening day they would cost 6 bucks at the start of their first full year. Each year after that you add 6 to their cost, so the cost to keep a rookie for all 5 years of eligibility is 6, 12, 18, 24, and finally 30.
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                            How about a salary cap?


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                              I'm interested. Have some late March scheduling issues which could come into play depending on how we set this up but otherwise would like to jump in.
                              "The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided." - Casey Stengel