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Live 5x5 auction league near Detroit has two openings

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  • Live 5x5 auction league near Detroit has two openings

    Sorry for not posting this sooner. Our draft day is 5:30 p.m. in Farmington, MI on Friday April 1. Keeper decisions are due two days before then, so I'd need a decision with a $50 deposit on any new owners early next week. We had 12 owners the past several years but two franchises are vacant right now. Both rosters are pretty weak, but I think that's pretty common when one joins a keeper league.
    • It is a keeper league with fairly typical rules. Players can be kept for the year in which they are drafted and two more years or even longer if they are signed to long-term contracts.
    • Rotisserie 5x5 scoring.
    • We use as the league's website.
    • It's a face-to-face auction style draft held in Southeast Michigan, uusually on the Friday on or shortly before opening day. No computers are allowed during the draft itself.
    • No minor league farm system.
    • New for 2011, one can replace players at any time, not just when they are on the DL or in the minors, using a Free Agent Acquisition Budget.
    • All fees pay for either out-of-pocket expenses or are paid to the winners. Fees are $312 each year plus a little more if one signs or releases players from long-term contracts. Prize money is paid to the top four teams in the first half, the second half, and overall and the top team each week.
    "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons

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    A few questions to help gauge my interest (If you have a seperate league constition this would probably answer all of these for me)

    1) Is this a mixed league or AL or NL only?
    2) Do you have a predetermined transaction day for normal transactions or do you allow daily transactions and streaming?
    3) Can I see all the rosters to see what I would be getting into (If you would like I can share you my e-mail offline)
    4) Do you have typical 23 man rosters and $260 cap and if so do you expand rosters to 40 in September? How do you handle those Sept transactions and fees?
    5) What are the max keepers?


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      1) AL-only (sorry, I should have mentioned that up front, eh?)
      2) FAAB is weekly but there are daily call-ups for players who have already passed through FAAB. We'll vote on whether to eliminate the daily call-ups.
      3) Send me a private message with your e-mail address (although it'll be this evening before I can respond)
      4) Typical 23 man rosters and $260 cap. Can add one September roster expansion players. No transaction fees other than signing and releasing players from long-term contracts
      5) 0 to 12 keepers allowed
      "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons