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I have an idea for a new fantasy baseball format - anyone want to play?

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  • I have an idea for a new fantasy baseball format - anyone want to play?

    Here is the gist of my new idea.

    This is a 20-team league, but the 20 managers are split into 2 groups of 10.

    One set of 10 managers (Group A) compete against one another in a standard 5x5 roto auction league, $260 budget, 30-man rosters. The goal is to accumulate the most fantasy (Roto) points, as we are all accustomed to.

    The other set of 10 managers (Group B) act as brokers for the fantasy players. The goal of these 10 players is to end the season with the most money.

    Here's how it works. Before the season starts, the entire player pool is randomly assigned amongst the 10 teams in Group B (alternatively, we can hold a very long draft). Group B players can then begin to negotiate transactions with the teams in Group A. Group B players are trying to accumulate the most money, Group A players are trying to build the best rosters. During the season, Group A players must make transactions through Group B. In other words, teams cannot trade or drop players - they must sell their player to a manager in Group B who can then in turn sell that player to another team in Group A. Similarly, the managers in Group B cannot trade players. If new players enter the player pool (e.g., callups from the minors), managers in Group B are allowed to make bids, and players are assigned to the highest bidder.

    Obviously this idea needs to be fleshed out a bit more. But I figure if we can find 20 managers interested in playing, we can use the first season as a trial run. If you're interested or if you have questions or comments, post them here. Thanks!
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    It is an interesting idea that brings in elements of the real life game into play in a new way. I had a somewhat similar idea once of having some people play as owners and others as agents. You call them brokers. Similar concept, and one I like. I'd like to be a broker for once / @NickRichardsHQ


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      This sounds interesting. Count me in if you get enough people to try.
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        fascinating. let me know how you proceed. I'd like to play