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AL 5x5 Standard Keeper League - Online Auction - Seeking 1 Owner

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  • AL 5x5 Standard Keeper League - Online Auction - Seeking 1 Owner

    I am looking for an owner for an AL 5x5 standard keeper league, on-line.
    $100 USD entry fee.
    Auction and stats service are via CBS.
    6 round minor league draft.
    Several of the owners are from the Toronto area with the rest from around the U.S.
    League has been in existence since the mid-90's and I have been the commissioner since the late 90's.

    There are 2 available keeper teams, already have 1 owner. A dispersal draft will be held on Friday, March 4th for the 2 teams.

    Auction Date is scheduled for Friday, March 25th.

    Please leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

    Some of the interesting names include (2011 salary):

    CA John Jaso $5

    1B Paul Konerko $24

    SS Alexei Ramirez $20

    SS Derek Jeter $26

    DH Hideki Matsui $20

    OF Ichiro Suzuki $34

    1B Mark Teixeira $44

    RP Kevin Gregg $13

    SP Jeff Niemann $9

    SP CC Sabathia $42

    SP James Shields $21

    RP Joakim Soria $31

    RP Jose Valverde $30

    1B Miguel Cabrera $40

    3B Alberto Callaspo $9

    OF Raj Davis $9

    1B Matt Laporta $9

    OF-2B Ryan Raburn $9

    SP Nick Blackburn $11

    SP Luke Hochevar $7

    SP Brandon Morrow $13

    RP Jon Papelbon $40

    OF David DeJesus $17

    OF Jacoby Ellsbury $17

    SP Kyle Drabek M

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    As a quick testimonial - I have been in this league for several years now and it is very well run and commissioned by Chris. It's a good group of guys with a decent level of trade chatter throughout the year and in the pre-season. There are also some decent keepers available in the expansion draft so a new owner won't be starting behind the 8-ball.


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      I'm Interested But...

      I need to find a league for myself and a friend. So if someone else should drop-out or you have a flaky owner that wants out please let me know.


      • #4
        Hi - its one opening at this point. If you want to share a team for this season, we can look at giving your partner - or you - an available team when one comes available.


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          Chris,Did you fill the last spot? And what time is the draft Friday March 25th? Please let me know when you can.Thanks


          • #6
            Hey - the auction starts at approximately 8pm EST - should be completed by midnight.


            • #7
              Chris,That would work for me. However the initial auction tomorrow night will not work. I am the Technical Director for our High School Musical and I won't be home until after 11:00 PM tomorrow night. Anyway can that be moved to another night? I am definitely interested as I've never done just an AL type draft. Also do you accept paypal? If you do I could send you the $100 quickly. Please let me know. Also you can e-mail me imformation at


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                Keeper League

                shap10sh9 - have 2 openings in a HTH 12 team combined keeper league. No huge $, no real A-H's. Let me know if you are interested.


                • #9
                  Hack - sent you an email. Currently the spot is still available. In addition, we are flexible on the dispersal draft date. Personally, I would prefer the dispersal draft to be sooner rather than later to provide the 2 new owners a chance to discuss trades with the existing owners prior to the freeze deadline.

                  Auction date is March 25th.


                  • #10
                    Chris,Sent you an e-mail response that I want in. Looking forward to my first AL only league.Thanks,Mike D.