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Live High $ Las Vegas Keeper League needs 1 owner

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  • Live High $ Las Vegas Keeper League needs 1 owner

    The Norse Roto League inaugurates its first season. It will in future be a keeper league. This is based on the same format as the Couchpotato League, which has run for 6 years. EF is $2,000, no transaction fees. 100% return (minus league expenses). In practice this produces an 86% return, after stat service, Jeff Peters' (NFBC) wallboards, auctioneer, small commish fee & conference room charges come out.

    Format: 5X5 Waggoner with separate AL & NL auctions/leagues & Standings based on combined score in both leagues. In-person attendance is mandatory. As I've stated on this Board previously, this is much better "value" than NFBC, which repays a much lower % of EF's to the prize pool & the contest is less luck-based, since its an auction.

    If interested reply here or better, email me:

    Happy 2011 Rotoing!