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NL league needs an owner for 2011

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  • NL league needs an owner for 2011

    Back to back champion retiring leaving a roster which is probably 3rd quartile in terms of keeper list with any finish from 1st to 12th seemingly within the realm of draftable possibility. Longstanding league (27 years) with a solid core group of owners, rare vacancies. We travel someplace warm to draft every year (95% to be Las Vegas in 2011), new owner ought to show up for at least the first couple years, after that conferencing in is allowed but kind of discouraged. If you're in your 40's or 50's and have some kind of Big 10 or Big East connection you'd have something in common with the rest of the guys who skew towards the University of Michigan and Boston College. Also like the supreme court we could use somebody with a little liberal bias to counter the prevailing right wing nutjob viewpoints which tend to dominate offseason political e-mail discussions. League parameters are NL only, 12 teams, standard 5x5, ultra with 40 man rosters, $300 per team, only transaction fees are for contract extensions and September expansions.

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    Good chance I'm interested and absolutely scary how similar your league is to the one which I'm most likely leaving after 15 or so years. Just for some "that's weird" conversation....league I'm leaving is in it's 25th year, named the WRLB (Wolverine Roto League Baseball) because it was started in the dorm rooms at U of M. I only applied to 4 colleges when I graduated high school...2 of them were U of M and Boston College (accepted to both but decided to stay close to home). Our league used to travel for drafts but settled on Vegas as a permanent draft location several years ago. This year I won the league (which is very competitve) for the 6th time in 15 years. Our league has all sorts of political discussions (heated ones of course) but I do tend to stay away from those. Let me know if you're interested, I'm happy to talk more details.


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      Bomber, I PM'ed you with contact info. HQ winter hiatus starts soon, e-mail's the best.