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10 Team AL or NL Auction -- 5x5 roto (NYC Area)

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  • 10 Team AL or NL Auction -- 5x5 roto (NYC Area)

    At the start of every baseball season I regret not being in a home auction league. A league where 10 people gather in a room to bid for their team. Since I still haven't been invited to join such a league I figured it's time to start one myself.

    Ideally we could draft a team the second weekend in April, but what's of primary importance is to find 10 fanballers from the area who are interested.

    I'm open to discussion regarding league settings, but I'm thinking of a 10 team, AL or NL auction, FAAB, CBS or ESPN, redraft/non-keeper, 5 x 5 roto, weekly lineup, 6 round snake draft for reserves immediately following auction, and most importantly I'm looking for people to commit to the league for a minimum of 2-3 seasons.

    Send me a PM with your email address or reply to this thread. Thanks.