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New NL-Only in Chicago...

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  • New NL-Only in Chicago...

    We have 1 opening for our new NL Only League in Chicago....

    "Buy-in" for the league... will be $250, plus some additional fees. the website fee is about $25-$35/tm... and then there are usually between $25-$45 worth of transaction costs throughout the year.
    - 12 teams.
    - $280 salary cap, Auction Style 'Draft'... (the cap will depend on our total number of owners and players)
    - 25 man National League rosters... (again... the number will depend on our total number of owners)
    - 5-Man Minor League roster... before the auction, there will be a minor league draft - for teams to build a foundation for their team... for years to come.
    - "Traditional" 5 x 5... AVG, HR, Runs, RBI, SB, Wins, ERA, K's, SVs, WHIP...
    - we will use a multi-layered Free Agent acquisition process (its not complicated!)
    - The Auction will take place on Saturday, March 27th at my place in Chicago. It will start pretty early; because half of us have our AL-Only Auction that afternoon/evening. i would guess we'd start between 7am and 8am. everyone MUST be present for the Auction...
    - A Keeper League... with a 13 player max from year to year. (Minor League players dont count against that 13).
    - Contracts for keepers... going into the 3rd year, you'd need to give them a "raise" to keep them for future year.

    If you have interest, let me know ASAP -- and ill send you the full constitution... and you can start peppering me with questions. Most of the guys are late twenties to mid-thirties... and are a very solid group. We are really looking to get the League off the ground.

    email me at : ASAP!!