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2 Owners needed for New NL Only League in Chicago...

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  • 2 Owners needed for New NL Only League in Chicago...

    Hey guys.

    I'm currently putting together a group of 12 owners from the Chicago area to create an NL-Only Deep Keeper League for 2010. I have a few owners already interested from our AL-Only League; and wanted to open it up to all those in Chicago who wanted to see what it would be like. We already have 10 definite commits, so we are looking for just two more owners.

    It would follow the basic Rotisserie standards :
    Auction Style Live Draft,
    5 Man Minor League System,
    24 Man Major League Roster,
    Max 13 Keepers from year to year,
    5x5 Scoring...
    $250 Buy-In,
    Auction will be a my place in Chicago (right at Wrigley Field)
    We are looking for serious, active owners, looking to set something up - that we can build upon for the foreseeable future.

    The Auction is slated for early in the morning on Saturday, March 27th.

    send me an email if you are interested :