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Seattle area AL auction league needs owner

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  • Seattle area AL auction league needs owner

    One of our owners is dropping out and we would like to replace him to keep our league at 8 teams. Would even be open to expanding to 9 if you knew of anyone else interested. 5x5 standard categories. initial investment is usually $40 to $50, plus free agent moves are $5 each. DL and minor league replacement moves are free. draft is auction style, $260 budget. free agent pickups are first come, first served. up to 6 keepers each year at previous salary plus $5. The team being replaced came in 2nd last year and does have some viable keeper options. The league is going on 10+ years and our core group has know each other for about 20. our auction is Sat 3/27, usually about 9am to 4pm, in Bellevue/Kirkland area. If interested, you can post here, pm me and/or reply with your contact info for more information.

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    hey Dave, you replied to me but it says I cannot send you back a p.m. send me another message with an actual email address or something? thanks!


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      We still do have an opening, perhaps 2, so please let me know if anyone is interested. thanks!


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        What's weird about this is that on this forum there are two Seattle leagues looking for owners and one Seattle guy looking for a league.
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          Originally posted by DAVITT@HQ View Post
          What's weird about this is that on this forum there are two Seattle leagues looking for owners and one Seattle guy looking for a league.
          It's not THAT weird, Davitt. I'm somewhat interested in a league like this, but as I posted in my league-wanted post, I'm not sure that I'm interested in a league where there are transaction fees.

          One question about this league, though? What was the roundabout figure that each team ended up paying to the pot last year?


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            I'm actually interested in both leagues, unfortunately I won't be in town the weekend of 3/27.


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              Minimum was $42. The most any team paid was $115 and that team dd not finish in the top 3. 3 teams spent in the $100s, 1 in the $90s, 2 in the $70s, 1 in the $60s, and one the minimum. If 2 people join, I would speculate there would be less free agents worthy of as many moves, but more in the pot to start. Moves to replace players sent to minors or d.l. do not cost anything...


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                Hey everydayj, I tried sending you a private message but looks like you are not set up for that. Does this sound like it might work for you guys? If you change your settings I can contact you directly or give you my contact information if that is easier...


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                  It appears we do still have a spot or 2 in our league, if anyone else is interested. thanks...