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Owner needed - just had a last second dropout

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  • Owner needed - just had a last second dropout

    Just lost a guy in my 12 team, 4x4 NL-only Ultra league. League has been around for >10 years.
    We have 25 man active rosters with a 15 man reserve roster list and FAAB during the season. 12 man (+ up to 3 rookies on reserve list) keepers are due in 3 weeks with in person auction on 3/28 just outside Philly. We might be able to accomodate someone via phone, but in person is preferable.
    There is a fee but it is not exorbitant by any means with the first 3 places receiving $$$.

    League is pretty competitive with several adept owners and a few less motivated guys.
    PM me if you are interested and able. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
    NL-Only 4x4 Ultra league
    AL-Only 4x4