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AL only roto keeper league looking for 1-2 replacement owners

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  • AL only roto keeper league looking for 1-2 replacement owners

    A long running AL-only roto league with owners across the US and Canada is looking for 1-2 new owners to take over existing teams in the league. There will be an expansion draft for the new owners (2-3 total it looks like) from the departing owner's teams to ensure fair distribution of keeper type players.

    The league is competitive and includes the standard 23 players (14/9) with 5 additional minor leagues drafted (or kept) every year. There is a standard FAAB process for free-agents but with no reserve aside from DL'd players.

    The auction will be online near the beginning of the season and we're looking to get the new owners lined up asap to enable pre-season trading/scheduling/planning/etc.

    Send me a note if you're interested with a quick background on your roto play.

    Best, Neil

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    I tried to send you a private message, but it would not take it. I am an experienced player looking for another league. Email me at


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      We still have an opening here if anyone remains interested. You can email me for more details.


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        Hi. I'm interested. Please send me the details.



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          hello, i am interested also. i assume the draft is online. if it is, i am very interested. been doing this for almost 20 yrs, i love it and i would be very active. thanks


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            Thanks to everyone that replied. The league openings have now been filled. Based on the good number of replies I received however, I am looking to start another AL-only 5x5 roto league using pretty much the same consitution as the current league uses. If anyone else is interested, let me know.


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              I would be interested if you are still considering.


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                I might be interested although the end of March might be tough with drafting.

                You can email me at



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                  Originally posted by Jim_Ed View Post
                  I would be interested if you are still considering.
                  send on your email to me at or just drop it here and I'll forward the invite to a new keeper league that is forming based on this posting.