I am a very experienced owner & commish looking to join a new league. I run several leagues and I would like to find a new league where I can just play and not have to worry about the commish responsibilities. I am an active owner (love working on trades) and will be committed to a league long term.

Details of what I prefer:
-Will only consider Auction league (either live online or slow auctions)
-At least a $100 entry fee, but prefer it to be in the $200-$500 range
-Mixed AL/NL player pool
-5x5 scoring...prefer H2H but will consider straight roto...love using OPS as a category
-Prefer keepers but would consider a re-draft league
-Only want a new league...not looking to replace an abandoned team

Either shoot me a PM or email (ccorman68@yahoo.com) me details if you have a league that might be of interest...