We have 2 openings in a very competitive keeper league.
First a little about the owners :
2 writers from this site are actualy in this league,with one of them being the commish.
League has been in existance for at least 9 years with a great group of guys.Some east coast,some west coast,and even 1 or 2 from overseas.
EVERYONE pays attention the whole year,none of the usual guys losing interest after 2 months that happens in alot of leagues.
You also gotta be thick skinned,lots of smack talk,but all in fun.
The league itself :
20 team 5x5 mixed league with anywhere from 10-14 keepers.
$60 buy-in,$2 transaction costs...
top 7 are paid out,and with buy-in costs + trans costs,about $3000 total to be split minus league costs.CBS SPORTSLINE site used
Keepers are determined by previous years salary with a salary cap used for determining keepers only.
Serpintine draft used to fill rosters after keepers are determined.
c,c,1b,2b,3b,ss,ci,mi,5 of's,u,10 pitchers
5 man bench,major or minor leaguers
As previously said,2 teams are open,have some good keepers:
Team #1..Hamels,Beckett,Tulo,Victorino,Dunn
team #2..Morneau,Jeter,Pence,Werth,Nathan,U.Jimenez
Anyone interested please either leave a message or e- mail me mattmomdad1@msn.com for more info,and please be someone who is interested in a keeper league as opposed to year to year,and i assume if you are on this site,your pretty knowledgable as it is,lol..Thanks,Rich