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NL Only CBS Sports Auction/Roto Keeper needs a couple

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  • NL Only CBS Sports Auction/Roto Keeper needs a couple

    ***League Full as of Now***

    Have two owners in reserve.

    3rd year league. Auction draft on CBS sports. FAAB, 5x5. All the basic "Tout Wars" rules but we have a fairly simple keeper option.

    13 team league, we need 4 managers at the moment. We try to keep the spirit of the redraft so the keeper rules are fairly simple.

    The Keeper Rules
    -The Salary for the first keeper increases by $3 the second year. The second and additional keepers go up at increments of $1, e.g $3-$4-$5-$6
    -A keeper must be drafted. No FAAB added players eligible.
    -The max years is to keep is 4, counting the draft year.
    -A keeper's salary cannot go down a tier. If you pick your $3 keeper the next year the salary has to increase by $3 or more.
    -No max number of keepers.

    $65 entry that includes the payapl fee.

    1st $450
    2nd $130
    3rd $85

    I will supply references to past winners if needed.
    Send me an email
    I will send you an invite so you can check out the league.
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    Bump, Need just one more.