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    This league is the only one I play and the only one I probably ever will. Very competitive and a great group of guys. Its a keeper league, 5x5, in-person auction (26.00 budget) that remains pretty active all year long - we set new record on trades made for two years now (124 between the winter and regular season in 2009).

    It can sometimes be tough for us to find new owners when a spot opens up because we do travel for our drafts. Most of us take some vacation time and bring the family and it we really have a good time. We have a league golf outing every year and we usually play some poker too. Anyways, everyone is very welcoming to new members who really love talking baseball. Every other year we draft in Oklahoma City (central location and we have 5 guys there) but the other years we find some place fun to go. We've been to Vegas, Branson, Tunica, and St Louis since I've been in the league. This year's draft will be in Mesquite, Nevada on Saturday, March 27th. Entry is $100 but this really is more about the competition and the camraderie than the money - especially since obviously, we all probably spend a bit more than $100 on just going to draft weekend anyways.

    I have never posted an invitation on HQ before because I wasn't too sure I really wanted another stat head in the was too good of an advantage. Our league is top heavy in sharks, even though everyone in the league is pretty solid, there are 4 owners who are tough to beat unless they are in a building year. So, I'm coming to HQ, looking for another shark - even if it cost me getting bid up on all the guys I want!! Would be nice to have someone in the league that I can talk baseball with who knows what I'm talking about when I say a guy was pretty unlucky with an inflated strand rate.

    Anyways, if you have interest, please check out the team available (Glenn's team) - its actually very solid - and the league website. The first link is everyone's rosters (I haven't sorted them yet, this is just my own file of what everyone has available to keep).


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