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Established Keeper League Seeks New GM's

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  • Established Keeper League Seeks New GM's

    We're going into our 7th year, and in the midst of a great league overhaul. We're expanding from 19 back to our original 20 teams, and will do some sort of expansion draft. We're looking at making changes to our scoring system, our Commish structure, and a few other things.

    In short, we're a very active league, for competitive GM's who want to contribute to the evolution of a great league.

    We'll stay a points league with 4 divisions. How the scoring will settle is tbd.

    Our Off-Season Minor League Draft will be held the beginning of Jan, so we'd like to get our GM's situated and all changes made as soon as possible

    If you're with HQ, that already speaks highly. Please provide a bit of info about yourself, your history, what you're looking for in a league, what you'd contribute, etc.


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    Freedom,sent you a private message.