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New Owners Sought for 2010 - Established League - NYC Metro/Tri-State Area

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  • New Owners Sought for 2010 - Established League - NYC Metro/Tri-State Area

    Interested in joining a 23-year league as an expansion owner?

    I'm the Commissioner/Founder of the Lou Piniella League and am looking to add new blood, from one to as many as three owners. Owners who are involved, know their stuff, love to “move the flesh” and will commit to being in it for the long haul.

    Brief Overview:

    Existing franchises: 11 (can expand to a max of 14)
    6 X 5 (AVG., HRs, TB, RBI, NSB and R; 2W-L, 2SV-BS, K, WHIP and ERA); straight draft, non-snake
    25-man roster (14 hitters, 11 pitchers), Minor Leaguer (bench)
    5 freezes
    All weekly moves effective Monday, mid-week D.L. moves/trades eff. Thursday
    Offseason trading period/Rules changes and suggestions Ballot

    One of my owners is leaving (he’s an “@ HQ” guy); you won’t be inheriting his roster. You will be entering the League in the same manner as every new owner has, that is, with the ability to trade five of your picks pre-draft, to stock your roster with players just like Expansion franchises in MLB. The Draft is usually held at my home in Staten Island on a Saturday as close to Opening Day as is convenient for all. Participation by phone has worked in the past if you're not "local", but the fun is getting together face-to-face to share some laughs, insults, beer, soda, pizza and snacks!

    There is a one-time fee for the entire season with payouts for first through fourth place. The LPL Champion is presented with a plaque on Draft Day and takes possession of the LPL Perpetual Plaque (listing all previous winners) for the current year. We use CustomStat (going into their 20th season) as our service and they do a great job providing an excellent site for a very reasonable cost. The majority of our owners have been in the League since Day One, with the newest one having joined three seasons ago. My son is an owner, and if you’re concerned about the LPL being HQ member-dominated, to my knowledge we are the only two who subscribe!

    I’ll be glad to provide further details concerning franchise cost and prize payouts, answer your questions and access you to our League Home Page and Constitution. The money is nice, but the prestige of getting that plaque on D-Day is priceless! If you’re looking to have fun and spend the 2010 season as a part of a long-standing League comprising a great bunch of baseball-loving gents, then get in touch, give me a brief idea of your rotiss experience/success and we’ll talk, okay?

    Rich Murphy

    Address: “”
    "Specious apologist" for everything Yankees and newly-elected Hall of Famer, five-time World Champion, five-time Gold Glove Award winner, and captain of the Bronx Bombers for twelve seasons - # 2, the great Derek "Just Enough" Jeter

    ___________ "Maybe it was a computer glitch." - Derek Jeter, upon learning that he had won a Gold Glove ____________

    Founder/Commissioner, "Lou Piniella League" est'd 1988 & "LPL 2.0" est'd 2020
    Snake, Mixed, Keeper, 34-man Rosters (15H, 11P, 8 Reserves)
    Owner, DIAMOND CUTTERS - 10X Champions (1988-'89, 1992,'95, 2000-'01-'02, 2013,'15,'18)