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  • Looking for a league

    Looking for a league for next season.
    1. Keeper league
    2. AL or NL only or both combined
    3. High stakes 2k or more
    4. Will go anywhere to draft

    Please reply to thread and I will give email info to talk privately.

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    I moved this thread to the Unclassified Ads forum. Maybe you'll get a lead over here.
    "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons


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      Sounds like NFBC would fit your idea except that isn't a keeper league. I play NFBC and I love the format. Send me a PM if you want more info
      14 Team 6X6 Dynasty League
      Hitters: RBI, R, SB, HR, OBP, SLG%
      Pitchers: QS, SV, WHIP, Ks, Hlds, ERA

      Points League
      Hitting: HR: 4, 3B: 3, 2B: 2, 1B: 1, RBI/R/BB: 1, K(-1), SB: 2
      Pitching: W: 10, L:-5, SV: 7, IP: 3, ER: -2, BB/H: (-1), K: 1


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        where are you located?


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          High $ league

          Dear Phil,

          Pls see the two league ads I posted in the "Unclassified Ads" section, for the Couchpotato Roto Lge ($2000 EF) & Masters League ($5000 EF). Please also note the following about "NFBC."

          NFBC is the National Fantasy Baseball Championship--I played in it in 2006. The BIG diff between the two private leagues I am advertising here & NFBC is "greed." MY league (Couchpotato) pays its Owners 100% of all entry fees (the only charges being for league expenses, which cost < $2000 per year. So, for example, there will be about $2000 X 12 = $24,000 in the pool + about 6 X $150 (Sept Roster Expansion fees) = $900, or about $25,000 in the pool. About $2000 of this is paid to: AllStarStats (the stat service--for 2 websites, AL + NL--about $1600) the auctioneer ($300) & the Draft Day wallboards (~ $150). So out of this $25,000 pot, you can deduct ~ $2150 in league expenses, leaving about $23,000 in the pot. This is paid out to the top 6 finishers in Waggoner fashion: 50%, 25%, 15%, 10% + $1500 for 5th & $750 for 6th.

          NFBC, a commercial enterprise run (well!) by Greg Ambrosius pays back to its contests ABOUT 67% of what you pay in fees. So, for example, lets say 300 people participate in the Las Vegas NFBC championship, paying $1000 each. They collect this $300,000. They keep $100,000 of it as their profit & pay out their prizes, including the 'grand prize' from the remaining $200,000. Their contests in other venues & also their LARGER contests (with a $5K EF) operate on the same principle--they take a huge cut of the prize pool in profit.

          There's NOTHING wrong with this of course--it is capitalism in action. However, it is 'mathematically incorrect' for a Roto lover to pay someone this much vig, when all you have to do is meet a few people who also love Roto & play for "free."

          The MASTERS league is EXTREMELY well run by Jeff Busch of the SF Bay area & Phil Consiglio, who lives in Philly. We pay them a few $100 per yr to commish this league, so the payout is ~ 97% of entry fees.

          LMK if either or both of these formats appeals to you--there is, at this point--ONE vacancy in each of these leagues. Josh Turin (cell: 214-770-6297)


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            hey we still have a spot open in our 13 team mixed. its actually a pretty good team too (list of keepers is here, open team is Glenn's) we are drafting in Mesquite, Nevada this year on March 27th.
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              NFBC style leagues

              Jose is correct!!!