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Advance Planning: Looking for 2010 mixed 5x5 league

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  • Advance Planning: Looking for 2010 mixed 5x5 league

    I am dropping out of a couple of my curent leagues due to quirky rules, cliques, etc. Looking to find another fun league. Please contact me, send rules/constitution, info.


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    Bert, hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but...

    I, too, am looking for a new fun league next year, for similar reasons above. I'd like to find a 5x5 keeper league, ideally AL-only, but I'm open to other suggestions. I'm based in NYC.

    You can contact me at

    Happy 4th,



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      Still Looking.

      Poor response so far. Are there any leagues looking for new blood? Is there another site to look at for new leagues or established leagues needing tp add team owners?


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        There's a 12 team mixed league ( 6v7 roto) that has just started up. The plans are to expand to 15 teams for 2010. It'snot 5v5 and the scoring has OPS extra for hitters and IP and Holds for pitchers.. If either or both of you are interested, I'll pass your names, etc on to our league commissioner.
        1. Terra Nova Terriers - 12 team mixed league, 5v5, $260 Cap, 9H, 9P, 7R & 25 MiLB - 2008 Champion
        2. Rocky's Bullwinkles, CrashTest Dummies - 2 NL only Mendoza League teams
        3. Desperate Measures - an AL only Mendoza Leagues team - 2012 Champion
        4. Hard Times - 24 team Dynasty League, H2H points scoring
        5. St. John's GobSmackers - 16 team H2H points auction League ($430 cap) - 2012 Champion
        6. Sundry other teams too numerous to mention

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          Thanks, PR.