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One or two openings in SF Bay Area NL-only league

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  • One or two openings in SF Bay Area NL-only league

    Bay Area Rotisserians NL has been in operation since the year the "Book" first appeared and has operated with a full complement of thirteen owners since the NL last expanded. It's (now) a very deep, NL-only 5x5 keeper league with rules that are based on the Book, but a salary/contract structure that's different from what you've seen in other leagues. The cost is roughly $45 per team for AllStar Stats, plus $25 per team for the kitty. There are no transaction fees, so, all things considered, this is a beer-and-pretzels league more than a high-stakes one.

    Other than the salary/contract thing, the only thing a bit quirky about this league is that we use a transactions system that operates over two days each week. On Mondays, we announce successful waiver claims and FAABs. On Tuesdays, we allow owners to pick from the remaining free agents for natural roster openings. (The rationale is that, with weekly transactions, an owner whose FAABs and waivers all were unsuccessful might find himself or herself without an active player in an open spot for a full week. The Tuesday FA claims opportunity lets the owner see how he or she does on Monday before filling in on Tuesday if necessary. It's not complicated and, I promise, you'd get the hang of it quickly.)

    This year, we're saddened to learn that we've lost one of the league's founders due to health issues and another owner, as well. We can go with eleven or twelve owners if need be and are prepared to do so, but we'd like to stay at thirteen if possible. That's where you might come in.

    We draft on the "traditional" first Saturday after Opening Day (April 11) in a cramped conference room in Menlo Park. We have one or two owners who generally call in, but this year it appears that almost everyone, including our out-of-state owners, will be present and in living color.

    If you can make it to Menlo Park that draft date and don't mind sharing the oxygen in a bad conference room with a bunch of middle-aged men, let me know. You can PM me here or email me at I am sure that I have a league constitution around somewhere and can dig it out for you.

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    We still have an opening. If you can make the auction in person, we'd love to have you.


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      It appears that we have two openings, as the HQ guy I'd pencilled in for one opening seemingly is MIA. We'd hate to go with eleven teams if there are possible owners who would enjoy being in the league, can make the draft, and who just need a nudge to fall in with us. If you want to be nudged, give me a shout.