we are in the 2nd year of The Auction Addicts Moneyball Fantasy Baseball League.

Moneyball is a (AL and NL) 5X5 auction (non- keeper) roto league. we have 12 teams already and are looking to add between 2-4 more.

we will hold a live online auction draft on sunday march 29th (3pm Cental) via cbs.sportsline.com

the entrance fee is $50 per team with payouts going to the top 3 teams.

last year was our first year with the league and auction format and i can personally tell you how smooth and competitive it was.

we use a 23 man roster (14 hitters 9 pitchers) with a 3 player bench.

standard $260 auction budget with the standard $100 FAAB in season.

if anyone is interested or has any questions please contact me.

thanks and good drafting


email: jasonmmoy@gmail.com (two m's)