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Detroit auction Roto league openings

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  • Detroit auction Roto league openings

    My home league has 1-2 openings for 2009. Auction must be attended in person at 5:00 p.m. on Friday April 3 in suburban Detroit. Existing franchises have subpar keeper possibilities but are not completely barren: one has Cliff Lee at the minimum bid and the other has Markakis and Greinke at undervalued prices. Other attributes:
    • 4x4 league but switching to 5x5 in 2010.
    • 0-12 keepers permitted each year
    • Long-term contracts follow the rules from the Rotisserie League Handbook for those familiar with that.
    • No farm system
    • One can't replace a player unless he is on the DL, sent to the minors, etc., which places an emphasis on doing well at the auction but can sometimes be frustrating to those who like to actively engage in adds and drops
    • Hand-held calculators but no computers allowed at the draft table
    • League has been fairly stable. In existence since 1987. No turnover last off-season. Two years ago, someone I recruited off of these BBHQ message boards won the league in his first year so it can happen. Besides him, there are at least two others who are BaseballHQ subscribers. Level of competition varies, with some sharp owners.
    • Except for out-of-pocket expenses (typically, there is only draft day meal & beverages and stat service fees), all dues are paid out as prize money.
    If interested, please send me a private message with your e-mail address and I'll try to provide more info and answer your questions.

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    I just had a couple of questsions. What part of Metro Detroit do you draft in and what is the cost of the league?



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      Welcome to the chat forums, Keith.

      The draft has been in Farmington for the past few years.

      I'd be glad to talk more via private message or e-mail but you don't seem to have either one set up. If you click on my user name "Michael," you should see an option to send me a private message so we can exchange e-mail addresses.


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        It looks like I still have one opening to fill, if others are interested in this league.