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Free ESPN Auction Leagues (AL, NL, Mixed)

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  • Free ESPN Auction Leagues (AL, NL, Mixed)

    I am forming three separate FREE ESPN Auction Leagues for 2009.

    12 Team AL Only Auction
    13 Team NL Only Auction
    12 Team Mixed Auction

    These leagues are FREE leagues and are open to anyone. Each league will feature the following:

    Standard 5x5
    23 Player Active Rosters
    6 Player Reserve Roster
    5 DL Spots
    Weekly Lineup/Transactions
    Auction Draft

    Anyone interested in playing in one or more of the leagues, please respond here or send me a PM and I will get you an invite.

    The only thing we ask is if you do not intend on playing the entire season, PLEASE do not request an invite.


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    I am interested in a mixed auction league. When would the draft take place?


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      Draft(s) will be mid/late March.


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        got quite a few responses for this league and it seems most want a snake draft format. So, I have decided to run two separate FREE leagues on Yahoo (instead of ESPN). One will be for people that can draft on a weekend and the other to work for weekday drafters.

        FREE 12 Team Mixed Leagues (YAHOO CUSTOM)
        Standard 5x5 Roto
        Weekly Transactions
        23 Active Rosters
        6 Reserve
        5 DL Spots

        League 1 will draft SATURDAY, MARCH 28 at 8:00PM Central time

        League 2 will draft TUESDAY, MARCH 24 at 8:30PM Central time

        The only requirement we have is that we only want to attract owners that will show up for the draft and be committed for the entire season. It is a free league, but we still would like to get quality owners.

        If you would like an invite to one or both leagues, please send me a PM and I will get and invite out to you. Thanks.