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any auction leagues online?

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  • any auction leagues online?

    Does anyone know of a website that runs leagues and does the auction online? Rotowire used to do the auctions through, but said they are only doing drafts this year, not auctions.


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    I've heard is going to host auctions online this year too and of course they run leagues. / @NickRichardsHQ


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      i just went through their site but only see the live draft and automated draft options. Hopefully they'll get the info up soon, if they are having the auction.


      • #4 a wonderful site, teams always available in a few leagues after the renewal deadline


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 has the live auction draft option. i ran an auction league through it last year and im running one again this year.
          13 team NL ONLY 5X5 auction league. 23 man roster + 5 man bench


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            ESPN does. But it doesnt look like they run in season FAAB if you need that as well.


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              Yahoo Sports has auctions

              Yahoo Sports let's you setup leagues as auctions. I just set up an NL only league last week, and we still have spots open if you want to join. Its called NL Ultra 7x7 if you want to check it out.


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                Originally posted by homie4114 View Post
       has the live auction draft option. i ran an auction league through it last year and im running one again this year.
                I checked with CBS.Sportsline, here's the info I got:
                "At this time, we do not offer auction drafts for our free or premium leagues. This option is only available within our commissioner product."
                5 x 5 (K/9), 14-team mix, $260 auction, up to 10 keepers, 3yr contract, $100FAAB Budget, 9 pitchers, 14 hitters, 6 bench, 4 minor leaguers, 20% inflation (league champ in 2014; runner-up 2018)


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                  Both ESPN and Yahoo offer free auction drafts. You must pay for CBS and it isn't really any better than the other 2.


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                    Try Couch Manager
                    Aging Albinos - 5x5, Mixed, 20 teams, 23-player roster
                    Bald Bastards - 5x5, AL Only, 9 teams, 29-player roster
                    KC Monarchs - H-2-H, Points Based, Mixed, 16 teams, 25-player roster