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New Keeper League Needs Team Owners

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  • New Keeper League Needs Team Owners

    Starting a keeper league with an online auction in March. Donated memorabilia prizes--mostly 60s sports cards and autographs. Will be AL only or Mixed Leagues depending on number of sign-ups. For details visit www.

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    Some classic lines on the league site:

    There is only one mandatory catcher slot. The reason: There are only two types of catchers. The kind who are good hitters, get hurt, and break your heart, and the kind who are bad hitters, get hurt and break your heart. Enough said.

    This looks like a great set-up. I've just joined a new league recently -- I would have otherwise been tempted. Best of luck.
    RIP Paco de Lucia.


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      In all of my years of fantasy baseball, I have yet to join an auction-league. This year, however, is the year that I'd like to change that. Nice site, by the way.

      How many spots do you have left?


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        Plenty. Only about five committed. Or who should be committed.


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          Count me in, then. What do you need from me?


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            Direct email address for now. Also, any comments on proposed rules.


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              Hi Steve,

              I would play in the mixed league if still open. Email me at


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                Looks great. I'm interested.

                I prefer a bigger Mixed League, with Daily Transactions


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                  Steven I'm curious why you're willing to go 12 deep in an AL only league but only up to 15 in mixed?


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                    15 teams?

                    I haven't been in a league bigger than 15 teams, mostly because the chance of winning get so small. But if there's enough interest, sure.


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                      I'm not sure if the analogy fits but I would liken a 12 team AL league to chess and a 15 team mixed to checkers assuming relatively same size rosters.

                      Yes, it's harder to win say a 20 team league but with more owners and thus more money in the kitty you can payout more spots.

                      Good luck in whichever way you go. I'm already maxed on my roto commitments otherwise I might consider joining.