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Established NL Keeper league Needs 1!

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  • Established NL Keeper league Needs 1!

    12 team NL keeper league looking for an owner.

    We use a 5x5 scoring system - substituting Net Runs (Runs - HR) for Runs Scored and subbing holds for Strikeouts.

    Keep between 7 and 14 players, $260 cap, Auction will be held March 8.

    Had a guy drop out pretty unexpectedly.

    Team has some good pieces - Aaron Harang at 15, Tim Hudson at 13, Khalil Greene at 12, Valverde at 16.

    For more info, PM me.

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    A little more info - still have an opening.

    League fee is $36. There are transaction fees, and most people spend between 80 - 100 a season - this includes the initial $36. So figure about 50 - 60 in transaction fees. The money all goes into the prize pool, and first is usually worth about $500, 2nd $250, 3rd 125 and there are payouts for 4th as well.

    Additionally, there are weekly category winner prizes of $.50 for each category.

    Finally, if you have the MVP, you get a $10 prize, same for Cy Young and ROY.