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New 5x5 Keeper (Aucton and Snake!) High Stakes?

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  • New 5x5 Keeper (Aucton and Snake!) High Stakes?

    I really want to get this league started. It will be a keeper league (3 yrs) made to reward the best fantasy owner in both worlds, the auction and the snake draft. There are two different leagues forming the entirity. There is an AL only portion and an NL only portion. The AL will be formed via snake draft, the NL via standard auction rules. Both leagues are 5x5 roto with FAAB. The winner of the world series is the one with the most combined points from both leagues. The WS runner up and both league champs and runners up will also be paid out. I would like to get 12 teams in the league. I have not decided on what site to set the league up on yet, although I'm familar with and would like to use sportsline. I also have not set a dollar amount for entry fees, although I would like for it to be at least $300 per team, with a preference for it to be $500-$1000. Draft dates are also not yet set, as I would like to leave that open to the league to decide with such high stakes. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested, please contact me at for a copy of the constitution.



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    Send me a copy I may be interested


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      I need your email. You can just shoot me an email if you don't want your's to be public and I can just reply to it.