***** Sorry, the openings in this league have been filled *****

Diamond Dreams Roto League has been going strong since 1994. We had 3 openings (very unusual) and have filled 2 of them, so only 1 left!

Draft will be on Sunday, 4/13, probably starting at 9am, probably in Foster City (will be finalized soon).

Fee is $150, with 50%, 25%, 15%, 10% to the top four finishers.


23 active spots (auction), 12 player bench (draft after auction).

We will use CBS this year.

14 teams, mixed, keep up to 15 players. $5 salary bump each year. 4 year max. $320 in-season active salary cap.

FA draft (reverse of standings) first week of each month May-Sep. Transactions and trades are free (ie $150 is the entire cost).

Replacing owners will have a "dispersal" draft from the 3 non-returning teams and the non-kept guys from the other 11 teams. New owners get to keep 4 players with NO salary bump, rest they take get the usual $5 bump.

Please reply here or send me a PM if you are interested and/or you would like more information.