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Two, maybe three, openings in AL-only, 4x4 online keeper league

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  • Two, maybe three, openings in AL-only, 4x4 online keeper league

    One League Too Many is an online-only, twelve-team, 4x4 AL keeper league entering its fourth season. It's an outgrowth of three other established leagues and most owners are pretty experienced players. The rules are pretty close to the Book's with a few exceptions: (1) our FAAB and free agent acquisition process is a two-day affair each week, whereas the Book provides no mechanical details about how to handle FAABing; (2) we have a dollar cap on the amount of salary that you can pick up in trades, whereas the Book is pretty free market with respect to trading; and (3) we have a rule (not always enforced) that assigns players to unfilled open spots on your roster rather than just have the spot go dead if you don't replace players on time.

    Our tentative draft date is the Sunday of Opening Day weekend, but we will confirm this or another date in the next two weeks. Entry fees are $36 per team for the unloved CBS Sportsline stat service and the kitty; there are no transaction fees, so you won't get rich if you win this league.

    In an odd confluence of events, we've lost two and maybe three owners this year. Because you are reading this on an HQ board, you have enough interest and rotisserie experience to be a candidate who'd be of interest to us. Moreover, since only a few of the league's owners are HQ members, you won't be up against a lot of guys who drink from the same trough as you do.

    If we might be of interest to you, please PM me or email to Thanks for your consideration.
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    We've gotten one live body, so now need the second and, depending how things go (an owner is mulling over his options), perhaps the third. Because this is an inexpensive league that runs pretty close to the Book, you might view it as a test bed for strategies that you probably would not try cold in a big-stakes league. Let me know if I can sweet-talk you into joining. -- Mike


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      Thanks, guys. I've filled the openings.

      I appreciate all the inquiries from potential owners, but we've got a full complement for this year. As both of the leagues in which I participate have some turnover from year to year, I'll take the liberty of keeping on file the inquiries from the guys I've had to turn down for this year. If there are openings next year, I'll follow up accordingly. I thank everyone who sent email for their interest.