hey guys,

my friend and i have set up a keeper league through espn and were looking for active, friendly owners. guys who wont drop out during the year when if their teams go south, plus since this is a keeper league, were looking for people who want to play year to year.

right now, the keeper format is still in discussion, but its looking like it might be a salary cap format, where you have a certain amount of money at the end of the year, and you can only keep players from your team as long as their values add up to be less than or equal to your yearly alotment.

for example, you might get 60 dollars to spend, and a player like pujols is worth 40.

anyways, if you are interested email me at jasonmmoy@gmail.com or find me on aim (aim name: zen guru477)

thanks a lot

hoping to hear from some people!