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  • A league of your own

    WANTED - 12 men - honest and true.

    Okay, I 'm going for it, and running, an idea I've been mulling for a while, "up the flag pole." Step forward and speak-up, if it appeals to you, and you're willing to contribute your time to form it the way the 12 founders agree to organize and administer.

    My idea (not tht I'm a genius, but I haven't seen or heard of this, but it must exist-somewhere): Same 12 owners in two auction, keeper 5x5 (may be OPB instead of BA) AL-only and NL only, 5x5 leagues.

    Since its late now to start such a venture, we start (if we can) very simple, and organize by "creative anarchy" (the 12 founders form the league rules - collectively and elect the Commish - annually, for a term, or by rotation) and over time evolve from a simple keeper with increased keepers each year to ultimately achieve a dynasty salary-cap league.

    If we decide that time is too short for this year, we collaborate and refine for next year - with a live draft somewhere to meet each other - maybe at spring training in AZ ot FL- alternating from year to year. Prize money - of course.

    If you have experience in running such leagues, you counsel is invited, even if you do no wish to join the venture.

    Comments? Post or by email.
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    I am interested in the concept...any spots still avail??