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NL5x5 keeper league needs 2 owners

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  • NL5x5 keeper league needs 2 owners

    The Otterpop League is a 23 year old NL5x5 keeper league. It's extremely competitive, and we need 2 new owners to get us back to 12. We dont play for money any more, just a battered old bowling trophy held together with gray duct tape, which is great for irritating the significant other! Costs for the conference call (we hold our auction this year on Sunday, April 1st) and the CBS Sportsline website ran about $60 last year.

    A few details:
    -25 man active major league roster (14 hitters, 10 pitchers 1 swingman)
    -5 man taxi squad
    -25 man minor league roster
    -Daily transactions (via internet)
    -All players signed during the auction are given 1, 2 or 3 year contracts at that time
    -Minor leaguers your team developes are very cheap and can be controlled for up to 5 years

    Reply here or email me at for more details! Tell me a little bit about yourself; all we really care about is that you have a passion for baseball and care about who going to close for the Cubs when Dempster crashes and burns!

    Sam Costa