Hey all --

I'm in a 13 team 5x5 mixed keeper league, and our auction is coming up on March 18. Unfortunately, I have a commitment that weekend I can't get out of, and I so I can't participate in the auction. The auction is in Las Vegas. If anyone is going to be in Vegas that weekend, I will pay you (a rate to be negotiated) to stand in and do the auction for me. If anyone is willing to do the auction for me over the phone, I'd be willing to negotiate something (but less).

The auction begins at 9AM west coast time on the 18th. I have excellent keepers for a 3 year (now 2 year) plan, building for 2008 (building around a core of Mauer, Delmon, Rios, Kazmir). I have a clear strategy that should be easy to implement. I figure this would be a good chance for others to get experience and/or help you prepare for your auction. If you are willing and interested, please email mgottlieb@gmail.com. Thanks.