18 owner keeper league with salary / player caps. Player salaries based on previous year performances (our own league algorithms). Standard 4X4 categories plus KMBB and SLG+OBP as fifth categories. 24-25 man active roster, 6-7 player Reserve list (including minor leaguers or MLB players - or any other). Daily lineup transactions, weekly player add/drops. Supplemental draft on-line beginning mid-late March. Small $ league: Six money-winners between $125-650, entry fee $60 plus $2 per each player add in-season.

Competitive league, including two HQ writers and several owners with jobs in baseball (though one is being booted as I type this). Owners reside in all parts of the country and world. Well-run league, only mature sharks / adults need apply. Send me a private e-mail through the HQ site