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New 15 Team, online, auction/keeper league (BIL) seeks owners...

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  • New 15 Team, online, auction/keeper league (BIL) seeks owners...

    UPDATE EDIT (2/8/07): We have 14 and are seeking 1.

    Myself and several league-mates from previous leagues are starting a spin-off 15-team, online, auction-keeper league for 2007- The "BRING IT! League" or BIL for short. We currently have 9 owners and are seeking 6 more. Multiple owners are HQ subscribers so the level of competition should be pretty high, but we'll welcome anyone with strong interest. We're looking for owners who are serious about committing to the league and building it to be long-term and successful. Toward that end we are requiring fees to be paid one year in advance (see below along with other league specifics).

    If you're interested or have questions please email me by clicking on my name and choosing the email feature. There's no commitment to inquire.

    Thanks, -Mark

    15-team Mixed, Online, Auction/Keeper League with weekly transactions.
    70% player pool penetration (with 10-man bench).
    Standard rotisserie scoring with 6x6 customized categories*:
    ......(HR, RBI, R, SB-CS, OBA, SLG) and (IP, SO, HO, SV-BS, ERA, WHIP)
    25 Active/10 Reserve/unlimited DL rosters:
    ......Hitting (14): C, C, 1B, 3B, CI, 2B, SS, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT
    ......Pitching (11): 5 SP, 5 RP, 1 P (utility pitcher)
    ......Reserve (10): Any positions, no qualification needed
    ......DL: Unlimited if on MLB DL. Must activate when comes off.
    FA pickups: Generally "first-come, first-serve". Rotating waivers for new-to-pool.
    Keepers: Up to 12 players per year; 3 year limit; Salary bump each year.

    Fees: $20/yr. paid one year in advance (2008 fees due pre-2007 season)
    Payouts: 100% - First=$150, Second=$75, Third=$50, Fourth=$25.
    League Managed on TQStats website (costs paid by me)
    Draft: (likely free but may require couple dollars each).
    Draft Date: Saturday, March 24, 2007. Time TBD.

    * Categories and roster format have been play-tested in previous leagues.
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