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Openings in 11 owner, AL 5x5 Internet auction league

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  • Openings in 11 owner, AL 5x5 Internet auction league

    It's a nominal keeper league, but several bottom division owners have left and we're throwing everyone back this year. Standard 5 x 5 categories, standard rosters (14 position players, 9 pitchers), 5 reserve spots, 5 player minor league roster. League fees are $75 plus share of website cost. 60% - 30% - 10% payout schedule. Contact me if you are interested, have questions, or want more information.

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    Interested; more details pls.
    "The game is the game."


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      Im interested .also .... What stat service fo you use?
      Dr. Poker


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        interested - can you email me details? Thanks!
        20 team H2H mixed full keeper, 20 team mixed auction partial keeper


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          Interested--please send details if there still are openings.


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            No room at the Inn....

            Everyone, I appreciate all the replies, both public and private. We've filled all the openings and the pre-season bantering has already begun. :-) Thanks.


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              Owner dropped out -- need one more owner

              Dear fellow Baseball HQers,

              We've had an owner back out just 2 weeks before our on-line auction draft at 10:00 am March 25. AL-only, traditional 5x5, $260 budget, reserves + minor leaguers, keeper league. It's a great bunch of guys. If you're fishing around for another league, this one is for you.


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                Interested if postions still exist....send details ..... what stats service?


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                  May I hijack this thread for a moment?

                  I've got a 12-team, 4x4, AL-only Internet auction keeper league that needs two owners, it appears. Fees are all of $36, $11 of which goes to CBS and the rest of which goes into a pot that pays out $150-$75-$50-$25. We draft online in a chat room and the rules are pretty close to the Book standard. If the league that started this thread is full, please consider mine as an alternative. Either PM me or send an email to for details. Thanks!