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Daily 5X5 Roto League Needs Owners

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  • Daily 5X5 Roto League Needs Owners

    Well established CBS daily league needs owners. Numerous teams available with some young and seasoned studs on the rosters. Mixed, 5 X 5 DAILY Roto, and we use OBP in place of BA. We'll keep up to 12 players in 2024, and will increase protection list by 2 players annually, until we get to 24 keepers. $250 all in annual fee pays for website and entry fee. We pay out all dollars 60, 30 and 10% to 4th place so as we have no dumping at year end. 4th place team gets the first pick of the next years draft. No FA budget and you can acquire players at will; first come first served, as early bird gets the worm. If interested, please send inquiries to
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