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    I have been playing fantasy baseball since 1990 and so many things have changed since then and yet fantasy baseball league settings and formats haven't really changed much at all. Here is a chance to try something different if you feel so inclined.

    -3 spots avaialble

    -20 teams

    -6th year


    -Supplemental auction is Sun 3/26 @ 5:30 EST


    -7x7 (standard plus OBP & SLG and Holds & IP)

    -8 playoff teams

    -Yearly salary inflation and four year contracts

    -Modified keeper quantities to encourage parity as well as (new for this year) tiered divisional alignment and custom scheduling to ensure that each team's extra matchups are against similarly tiered teams.

    -Daily moves, limited adds (per week and per season)

    -30 roster slots (21 starters + 9 bench), 5 IL, and 3 NA for true rookies

    More information at

    The league specs are in the commissioner's note. The teams currently available are Who's on First, TaiMaiShu, Senators, and Chris's Team. I have one replacement already who is indifferent to which team he receives so they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions or are interested in joining let me know. Post or message me here.

    I have been playing h2h categories since about 2000 and see it as an evolution of traditional roto. It baffles me why so many supposedly "serious" players keep playing a format (roto) that requires an entire process that is so far removed from how success is determined in actual baseball. Lumping all your stats in 4 or 5 categories together for the season and then ranking the teams by those stats and declaring a champion was fun in 1990 when we calculated the standings quarterly throughout the season and by hand but seems antiquated and frankly not that much fun in 20xx. The settings of this league are a culmination (and continual evolution) of my experience playing many, many variations of roto, points, sim, and categories leagues over many years and I find it to be the most enjoyable way to play this game.

    The notion that daily moves require more time and attention than weekly moves is a misconception in my opinion. The 5-10 minutes a day on average per team that I spend taking care of my h2h teams has actually been far less over the years than the time that I spend tediously setting bids for blind weekly faab and researching matchups in an effort to field an optimal lineup for leagues with weekly and bi-weekly lineup changes. And the idea that h2h is somehow less serious or more casual because of weekly matchups or the league winner being determined by a playoff system to me is also false because in my experience the best teams always rise to the top and it more greatly reflects the actual sport of baseball. Furthermore the weekly nature of the matchups creates a much better opportunity for teams to stay competitive much further into the season even if they fall behind early which is also more reflective of the actual sport we're attempting to fantasize. Some amount of randomness makes it fun, again much like real baseball. My two cents, sorry for the rant. Feel free to let me know if and why you disagree.

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    Great write up. If I was ever to move after 40 years from Roto this would be it.
    mixed keeper auction 16 teams high stakes $ long running with consistent ownership - *16 teams this year 2019*!
    5x5 (obp instead of avg) and 24 active players,10 pitchers.
    8 reserve slots ($3, snake draft). 3 minors slots. 260 budget. 100 faab budget weekly.
    8 roster keepers - max 3 years @ +$3 1st year kept, +$4 2nd year, +$7 third year.
    3 Minors keepers +$1/year


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      Originally posted by HoyaSaxa View Post
      Great write up. If I was ever to move after 40 years from Roto this would be it.
      Sincerely, thank you. If you ever do, let me know.


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        Two spots left. Who's on First and TaiMaiShu are available.


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          1 spot left. Who's on First is still available. Keeper deadline is tomorrow.


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            League is full. Hope you all have a good season.